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forklift rental and repair

If you’re running a warehouse, loading a container truck, or performing construction, you’ll find forklifts indispensable. At Black’s Forklift in Jonesville, MI, we’ve been selling, renting, and maintaining these machines since 1992. Here are just a few of the services that we can offer:

Service & Repair

We’ll provide regular maintenance and repairs on every make and model of forklift, not just the ones we sell.

Used Forklift Sales

Forklifts are capital equipment – they’re intended to last for years in the field. As such, the forklifts that we sell aren’t so much “used” as they are “time tested.” We strive to make sure that each used machine at Black’s Forklift is in excellent working order and will last for years to come. Ask us about our flexible pickup and delivery options!

Forklift Rentals

We rent out forklifts by the day, week, or by the month. Give us a call to determine availability and pricing.

Scissor Lift and Boom Lift Service & Repair Also Offered!

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