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Make Our Mowers Yours

Black’s Forklift offers great deals on every model of Steiner or Country Clipper mowers. Ask us about our zero percent financing!  We’ll repair and maintain every make and model of mower, not just brands we sell, and we offer flexible pickup and delivery options. Come see what’s in our showroom!


County Clipper zero turn mower logo

Maybe you mow a front yard. Maybe you mow a country estate. Maybe you mow for a living. Whatever you mow, Black’s Forklift has the right mower for you!

With easy controls, a wide mowing width, and a mowing speed of up to 12.5 mph, Country Clipper mowers are among the best in their class. Fit for both residential and commercial applications, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a mower that’s more comfortable to use or easier to maintain. Cut your mowing time in half with maneuverable mowers that turn on a dime!

Residential Grade Mowers

blacks_forklist_inventory_0012_AVENUE JO


The Avenue brings together a compact rugged machine for residential home owners.

  • Engine Options: 18 hp Kawasaki® FR600V,
    23 hp Kohler® KT730

  • Cutting Width Options: 42″ (2 Blades), 54″

  • Steering Options: Joystick



The Boulevard is designed for the discerning homeowner with professional features at residential prices.

  • Engine Options: 23 hp Kohler® KT730

  • Cutting Width Options: 48″, 54″, 60″

  • Steering Options: Joystick

blacks_forklist_inventory_0001_XLT JOYST


New for 2018, the XLT provides commercial quality and unique features for larger residential needs at a competitive price.

  • Engine Options: 24 HP Kawasaki® FR730V,
    26 HP Kohler® KT745 (Joystick Steering Only)

  • Cutting Width Options: 48″, 54″, 60″

  • Steering Options: Joystick, Twin Lever

Commercial Grade Mowers



The Challenger is a perfect fit for commercial and heavy duty residential users. Designed for durability and reliability, while also providing easy access to the underside of the deck, spindles, and engine for necessary maintenance.

  • Engine Options: 24 hp Kawasaki® FS730V, 25 hp Kohler® ZT740 (Joystick Steering Only)

  • Cutting Width Options: 52″, 60″

  • Steering Options: Joystick, Twin Lever

blacks_forklist_inventory_0003_CHARGER J


Built with the same standards as the larger BossXL, the Charger is the durable choice for any lawn care professional or large estate owner looking for years of rugged and dependable service.

  • Engine Options: 25.5 hp Kawasaki® FX801V

  • Cutting Width Options: 52″, 60″

  • Steering Options: Joystick, Twin Lever

blacks_forklist_inventory_0009_BOSS XL J

Boss XL

Oversized tires, wide wheel base, and a low center of gravity provide superior holding capabilities. The BossXL is built tough with a virtually indestructable deck, a reinforced bullnose front, and high-impact anti-scalp rollers.

  • Engine Options: 27 hp Kohler® CV752,
    35 hp Kawasaki® FX1000V

  • Cutting Width Options: 60″, 72″

  • Steering Options: Joystick, Twin Lever

Steiner Logo

Lawn tractors from Steiner are among the most powerful you’ll find. With a wide stance and powerful hydraulics, even the steepest hill or the roughest terrain won’t present an obstacle – and that’s not all. Steiner tractors come with versatile attachments for mowing hilly terrain, mulching, trenching, stump-cutting, snow-blowing, and more!


235 Tractor

Hard-working muscle packaged in a compact design, the Steiner® 235 Front Wheel Drive Tractor with Traction Max™ Weight Transfer System, and 16 available attachments has all the tools needed for superstardom. With the Steiner 235 Tractor, you get outstanding stability and traction. Its compact size, maneuverability and ease of operation make handling a breeze.


450 Tractor

Steiner tractors are built tough. In fact, calling the rugged, versatile Steiner 450 just a tractor is kind of like saying Mt. Everest is just a big hill. And speaking of hills, you’ll feel like the king of them all when you experience one of these tractors in action. Discover the 450 turf tractor’s powerful engines and hydraulics, wide stance, articulating and oscillating frame, and new hydraulic weight transfer and traction boost system. Throw in easy, comfortable operation and more than 25 available attachments, and you’ve got more than a tractor—you’ve got a Steiner. Find yours at a nearby Steiner tractor dealer.




Steiner Logo
  • Core Aerator

  • Lawn Sweeper

  • Power Angle Blade, 48”, 60”, 72”

  • Power Blower

  • Professional Snow Blower

  • Rotary Mowers Mulching/Rear Discharge with Flip-up Deck

  • Rotary Mowers/Side Discharge with Flip-up Deck, 48”, 60”, 72”

  • Rotary Sweeper, 16”, 24”

  • Slip Scoop, 44”, 48”

  • Snow Blower, 48”, 54”

  • Soil Tiller

  • Stump Cutter

  • Tree Farm Mower

  • Trencher

  • Turbine Power Blower

  • V-Blade

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